Our Sanctuary Cats are NOT available for adoption. They have medical needs that require life long medications and monitoring. They eat, play, repeat, just like any other cat, we just provide life long support and care to ensure they receive the best life possible, no matter the cost!


Romeo came to us after being pick up and assessed at the shelter, they noted severe injuries from an assumed Hit By Car. He did not have the ability to walk, and needed medical attention ASAP. After he was in our care, he received orthopedic surgery to repair his left broken hip, and shattered right knee cap and torn ligaments. He recovered well on his left leg, and learned to walk again! Unfortunately, there was too much nerve damage to his right leg, and he received a third surgery to amputate the "dead" leg. He is very happy with his 3 legs and fast as can be. After a long road of physical therapy, we found out, he also suffers from severe IBD, chronic pancreatitis, and hepatopathy, probably from his time living on the streets and eating poorly. He is medically managed and loved with us!


Joey, (or when he is being naughty Joseph) came to us on his last hours at the shelter. He was very sick and scheduled to be euthanized, we were contacted by the cat rescue community, that wanted to help, but knew he needed a long road of medical attention. We opened our arms to Joey, even though he was covered in mange and suffering from upper respiratory symptoms from both viral and bacterial components. After his long recovery, it was discovered that part of Joeys battle had to due with an autoimmune disorder called vitiligo. While his black coat slowly becomes white, he is on immune support for life and only has a few flair ups a year now that it is controlled. 


Boots was a bottle baby with us and got adopted out along with 3 of his siblings, over the course of a year in his new home that loved him very much, it was discovered that Boots suffers from pica. There are many degrees of pica in cats, but our Boots will eat just about anything: blankets, towels, plastic bags, straws, toys, basically anything that fits in his mouth. So Boots is on medication for his tummy and so very smart that we keep him mentally stimulated so he will keep himself out of trouble.

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